Q: How long is it going to take for my package to arrive?

A: Shipping could take from 5 days to 2 weeks.

Q: What does your logo mean (is it a “L” or a “O”) what is it?

A: The logo is a “D” with a lower case “e” inside of the d. It’s a little hard to tell but that was the purpose. I wanted people to ask questions about it, that way I had to explain the logo. I like to have communication/interaction with my supporters.

Q: Do you know you spelled Devious wrong?

A: Yes I know I spelled Devious wrong lol. This has a little to do with the logo, since the logo has a “D” and lower case “e” in it we felt the need to drop the “e” since its in the logo. -DVIOUS

Q: What made you start the company?

A: I started the company because I like Graffiti/Art and always had an interest for silk screening. I myself was a graffiti writer risking jail time, arguments with family for what did. I finally got an opportunity to paint a legal wall in North Hollywood which I ended up getting paid for and free left over paint. I realized I could make something  positive out of my creativity with out getting in trouble and Ive been working hard on making this company succeed ever since

Q: What is the company about?

A: Well the company is pretty much everything I like. I love graffiti/art…and who doesn’t like or enjoy music? My personal favorite is *Hip Hop, *Drum n Bass, and Dubstep (old school Dubstep lol) but opened minded to different type of music. I got into photography because of graffiti, I would see all this Graffiti/Art on the walls with beautiful colors and they would get buffed(removed). I would think “damn they straight just buffed that mural with grey paint” my personal opinion Id rather see bright colors on the freeway walls then grey paint so I started taking picture to preserve memories. Sports are just a part of life and healthy entertainment.

Q: Where did Dvious Clothing originate?

A: Well I grew up in Los Angeles right off Melrose and Normandie till about the age of 16, then moved to North Hollywood and been here ever since. So it started in the 818 but I still have my Love for LA, history and memories.

3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I bought a beanie off of your site & I was just wondering how long it would take for me to receive it. Thanks & love the stuff ! Great site

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