Dvious clothing is a clothing line based out of North Hollywood, CA and founded in the summer of 2011 by Ricardo Sosa Jr. His goal has been to launch a clothing line where different genres were able to find an apparel that they can all relate to. He is influenced by Graffiti, living in Los Angeles/ North Hollywood, listening to music such as Hip hop, underground hip hop, drum & bass and dubstep. He strives to be unique and believes that with his imagination, the love of art and music he will be able to achieve such goal.

The dvious motto is “Stay Positive, Be Creative Always DVIOUS”

11 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. What up man…. the clothing is looking good…. remember… if you ain’t rocking the clown, you ain’t rocking nothing!!!!

    1. Thank you cynthiaa, ya self provoke is a good friend and thankfully he is helping us out. We will work hard on getting some dope creative gear for girls soon. What colors did u have in mind for girls gear? Any feedback is appreciated

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