┬áLos Angeles Graffiti Artist SABER Tags The Sky…

We all should have known something was up when street artist Saber tweeted pictures of a Panda Express fortune that simply reads, “a fascinating project is in your future.”

reports came in from LA Taco that the longtime Los Angeles tagger has embarked upon his biggest project to date — tagging the sky above Downtown LA. Some of the skywritten messages include “Art Is Not A Crime,” “Art Work Rebels,” “Upperplayground,” and the artist tags “Saber Revok Risky MSK” (complete with an American flag).

According to Juxtapoz (which also happens to be one of the skywritten messages), Saber is protesting the Los Angeles City Council’s moratorium on street murals.

Head over to LA Weekly for an explanation of the city’s baffling opposition to street murals (and tolerance of huge advertising billboards).

Los Angeles municipal code defines murals as signs and the permitting process constitutes an effective ban on this art. Art in the public space is necessary for a healthy visual environment, a counter balance to gray walls and endless advertising. Los Angeles was once the ‘Mural Capital of the World’ and this city should claim that title again!

Murals are not signs and art is not a crime!

Tell Mayor Villagaigosa and the L.A. City Attorney’s office to end the mural moratorium now.

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